Back To School: How To Shop The Winter Trends Early

Victoria Laws explores the advantages of getting your winter shopping in early...
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I still, even at the age of… 29 *cough, splutter* get the Back to Skool buzz in August.

A craving for winter boots, wool coats and new stationary.

I remember making my sisters scream with hilarity because I bought a pair of suede knee high boots and a faux fur coat (well, it was 1996) in the middle of a heat wave, but come September when Toppers had sold out who was laughing? That’s right. Hmph.


I can trace this feeling back to when I was 9 and dreaming of attending Rydell High. Or Sweet Valley High. Or anywhere where I could be a cheerleader and wear sateen and wet look leggings.

Although instead of a pink satin bomber jacket and wet look leggings, I got a corduroy skirt and some Clarks Magic Steps instead.

So, with the arrival of all the September issue magazines, I am getting vvvvv excited. I am also loving that for once workwear has become cool.

I have already purchased a couple of the most darling pair of trousers – a khaki spotty flocked pair from Toppers and a tie print pair from Zara – and plan to pair them with stud tipped shirts or little ponte peplums. Ooh!


On my feet in my dreams I am wearing studded slippers from Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo, but in reality they will probs be from River Island or Steve Madden at HOF.

Unless I get drunk and go shopping on my iPad at 1am. Again…


Last time I did that, a Mulberry package arrived at my door two days later, containing the most dee-vine satchel (oversized Tillie FYI).

Well, it is the Back to School season, after all.

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