Back To The Future With Ellesse Heritage

From the terraces and firms of 80s Britain to the tennis courts of John Lloyd and Guillermo Vilas, Ellesse, a sportswear icon.
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Few labels have been able to maintain a constant representation of timeless sportswear, instead of conforming to the needs of modern day fashion and in turn eliminating the true values they were founded on. Ellesse have been to able to juxtapose classic and modern clothing whilst successfully maintaining the credentials in which they first began.

Founded in 1959 in Perugia, Italy by Leonardo Servadio (or ‘L.S’ serving as the etymological root of the brands name, and often controversial pronunciation) , Ellesse was the go-to for classic sportswear, worn by Tennis legends John Lloyd and Guillermo Vilas alike. In turn, the lives of these glamorous contemporaries provided a showcase for Ellesse, sealing the brands distinction and glamourous reputation. The strong Italian roots of the label still remain, shown through the iconic polo shirts, classic zipper track tops and traditional tennis shorts and slipovers. The pastel palette alongside the block colouring and citrus shades act as the perfect combination for the Spring Summer season, adapted by everyone from the Paninaro elite of Milan, to the Terraces and Firms of 80’s Britain. Ellesse’s heritage extends beyond just influential sportsmen and women and deep into the consciousness of our collective style history. With a large reference to the 80s, the Ellesse collection remains elegant and timeless, each piece emitting a casual confidence that remains with the wearer forever.

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