Bill's Khakis Bullard Field Pant

Simple military style with a cult following.
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Just launched in the UK, Bill’s Khakis enjoy an almost cult following in the US where they have become a watchword for quality, reliability and exact styling. Said pants are named after their colour – khaki - the Urdu word meaning dust. The sobriquet made its way into the English language in the 19th century after British commander, Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden, while, stationed in India, ordered his troops to soak their imperial white uniforms in a mixture of tea and mud water, so transforming the cloth into a sandy, earthy color more suitable for conflict. That color was dubbed ‘khaki’ which thus became the primary color for most British Army the uniforms while the Americans used the name to describe a simple military style pant in said colour. “I found a pair of original World War II khakis at an Army surplus store while I was in college,” says company founder Bill Thomas  “They were remarkably comfortable and put together to withstand just about anything. Today’s khakis paled in comparison.” Driven by pure love for the product the eponymous Bill, in 1990, with just a few thousand bucks, began producing the trousers to exact military specifications and with the help of just 20 employees has taken his company to become something of a phenomenon. Star of the show is the Bullard Field Pant that, constructed from heavy duty Bullard twill, has been aggressively washed to a familiar state of softness and comfort…. and as such will be a friend for life.
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