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There's still the odd couple of boiling days but the trees are shaking in the breeze now. Summer shorts say hello to Autumn streetwear.
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I was asked to pick out some of my best buys. Seeing as I am one of those people that prefers Autumn and Winter to Spring and Summer weather wise, it seemed sensible to focus on Autumn/Winter clothes instead of Spring/Summer.

Here are ten things that I like to wear once Autumn rolls around. Jackets, hats, shirts and shoes are my main focus and well, that's because these are what I buy the most of.

They aren't necessarily my all time favourite items, but they are what I wear the most of.

1. Garbstore Mountain Providence Parka

I had been lusting (as bad as that sounds) after this parka ever since it's release but needing to eat and drink that month meant I would never be able to afford it. However.. around a year or so later I managed to pick it up for a bargain price. I've been waiting all summer for the rain and wind to come back so that I can actually wear it again.

2. Norse Projects Classic Check Shirt

I got this from Manchester's Oi Polloi in the sale. Great little brand from Copenhagen, Denmark. It started out as a store in 2004, and shortly after, started their own in house label. The main reason I love this shirt is because it has an extra button right below the top one, which means that little gap that sometimes shows off too much skin, can now be avoided by an extra button. Great!

3. Pointer A.J.S.

Here are the Pointer A.J.S. in Tan suede with red brick trim. Love the colour of these, I have a bit of thing for suede shoes, which is going to be a nightmare once winter finally rolls around. These go great with anything.

4. Supreme Ventile Parka

I have been a long time admirer of this brand, they have set the style for a lot of streetwear brands in the past but a recent gain in popularity means the older the better for me.

Picked this up for a bargain price, Royal blue upper with green lower, 100% cotton.

5. Ralph Lauren Rugby Shirt

You can't beat a bit of Polo (not the game). This is a good substitute for a jacket in the warmer months of the year. Classic rugby shirt, you can always rely on Ralph to provide quality classics.

6. Alife Everybody Low

I have always liked trainers. I have had lots of much brighter pairs in the past, but these black canvas Alife's are my pick of the bunch. Mainly down to their simplicity and the fact that they look good with anything.

7. Norse Projects Seersucker Cap

This cap is just one of a large selection of great Norse Projects hats. Sky blue and white seersucker, with Norse Projects woven label. I have always liked five panel caps and you don't see these about as much as other brands.

8. Garbstore Flight Shirt

Bought from the Garbstore itself in Portobello, really nice over-shirt for the cooler summer nights and plenty of pockets for all your stuff! This hasn't been off my back recently.

9. Edwin Jeans

These Edwin's are a bit worn out now but they have served me well. Straight cut raw denim, everyone should have a pair.

10. Calabrese Duffle Bag

This bag is great, although if overloaded can be a bit sore on the old shoulders! Navy canvas with leather trim and rope straps. I have been using this on a daily basis as I have a habit of always leaving the house with too much stuff.

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