Brutus Shirts Offer 20% Valentine's Discount Code To Sabotage Readers

Roses and candlelit dinners are all well and good, but why not get each other something decent instead?
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Valentine's Day is this Friday people, and Brutus have got a very sweet and romantic gift code for 20% off, plus next day delivery.

Here are a few reasons this is good:

1. Brutus shirts have been on the backs of stylish British blokes since the '60s. They're a genuine heritage brand who know their shit.

2. If you're buying for someone else, you'll almost certainly get some kind of favour in the bedroom in return.

3. If you don't have a Mrs, think how many other singletons will be out this weekend. You'll look better in a new shirt.

The gift code is: BEMYVALENTINE14

You're welcome.


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