Casio Ediface: The Watch Designed By Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel

A cool, understated watch partly designed by Sebastian Vettel and built to evoke Formula 1 racing? Yeah, go on then.
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A collaboration between Casio and Red Bull Racing has resulted in a limited edition watch built around the same designs as a Formula 1 car. It could have all gone so wrong yet thankfully they’ve produced a sleekly-styled beauty. The stainless steel strap is kept simple, classic and chunky allowing the dial design to evoke the inside of a racing car. Whereas the temptation may have been to make the face flashy for the petrolheads instead it achieves this with commendable understatement. It’s no surprise that the EF565 was partly designed by Mr Coolness-Personified himself  Sebastian Vettel.

We think it looks ace and for just £250 it’s on our Christmas list.

The new EDIFACE watches are going on sale exclusively at

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