Christmas Wish List: Socks

Some people moan about only getting socks for Christmas. Me? I love them, especially if they look like this lot.
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They certainly beat another Lynx boxset



Everybody knows that, the older you get, the chances increase of receiving nothing but socks and chocolates for Christmas. Or, if you've been a really good lad, maybe a bottle of Jack or Jim. Well, who said that's a bad thing? as I get older I actually don't mind socks, in fact I love 'em, the more colourful and crazy the better. I won't even leave the house nowadays unless my wheels are covered in some dead cool, colourful socks - striped are also a preference. The classic Burlington argyle are a long term fave, but check out the Solmate socks below, made from recycled old t-shirts and stuff, ground down and re-spun, they might look a bit like something Timmy Mallet goes hiking in, but they are super, super toasty.

Stuck for a good Christmas idea this year? then get on these...


1,2 and 5: Happy Socks, plain purple cotton sock and half stripe and thin stripe £6 from Happy Socks

3 and 4: Burlington's classic argyle pattern socks currently £7.20 from Accessories For Him


1 and 4: Universal Works diamond sock £12 and rib sock £10.

2 and 3: Solmate cotton recycled socks in 'Covered Bridges' and 'Daffodil' $19 from Hickorees Hard Goods