CP Company Nycra Stretch MA1

In the market for a bomber jacket for Spring? Well you should be. This CP effort is top of the list.
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The trouble with Spring is it’s far too easy to make a hash of your outerwear decision. Over estimate the cold and you could arrive at your destination entrenched in a layer of muck-sweat – not what you want at all. Also not what you want is to be freezing your pipers off and getting a soaking. With this in mind a good Spring jacket should be protective yet breathable, keep you warm but be light enough to carry around. The jacket here is the Nycra Stretch Nylon MA1 from CP Company, a seemingly perfect jacket for Spring, crafted from lightweight stretch nylon with elasticated collar, cuffs and waistband to keep the wind at bay.


This, obviously being from CP Company, is in the higher end bracket of jacket cost-wise, so we’ll be following on with a post soon offering up some easier-on-the-pocket alternatives.  This one just demanded it’s own early slot.


The MA-1 is also available with a watch viewer lens on the left arm pocket, as in the image below, available here at Triads

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