Cuff Links For Wannabe Spies

Ever found yourself in a James Bond-style kidnapping situation with no means to escape? Probably not, but if you did you’d probably want something like this.
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Imagine it, you’re just on your way back from some kind of posh dinner function in the south of France and then as you’re about to leave you’re struck on the back of the head with a kosh. The next thing you know you’re handcuffed to some mouldy chair in a dank basement and there’s a meat-head called Raoul about to get to work on you. “We ave vays of making you talk,” he mutters before leaving the room to get his electrical torture kit. What would you do?

You’d probably cry and explain that you’re not really a secret agent at all, that you’d just blagged your way into the party by wearing a tuxedo and the secret agent line was just a clichéd attempt at pulling the hot Swede and her lesbian friend. It would be horrible. You might even do a little bit of wee. Unless that is, you were wearing these bad boys.


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At first glance, the Sparrows UNCUFF Link seems like a standard, albeit fairly cool looking, cufflink – no novelty dice/playing card design here- but they’re actually a James Bond style, covert hand cuff key that will open pretty much any standard pair of wrist shackles. They’ll also keep the cuffs of your shirt pretty damn snug but mostly, they’ll make you feel like an international spy.

Perfect for secret spies, potential kidnappings, solo bondage and adding a little bit of gravitas to your lines when you’re chatting up leggy supermodel types.

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