Distinct Life x Reebok "Black" GL6000

Distinct Life ain't nuthin' to fuck with.
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Continuing their hot-as-fuck run of collaborations with Bolton's finest, Detroit design collective Distinct Life show off their latest Reebok GL6000 design, the third in their run of four. We're into it.

I remember for a while I was wary of black trainers. Pretty much as a rule I'd avoid them, forever linking them to PE lessons and bleep tests but I would literally run laps to get my feet on a pair of these. The lux leather and mesh panelling; that tan and white sole; that ludicrously cool silhouette that's like a pair of New Balances on steroids. So cool.

The GL6000 is one of Reebok's most comfy shoes and now they look fit as. What more could you want?

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