Fashion + Religion: The Cross You Have To Bear

Religious imagery has always been used in fashion and music- now it's making yet another comeback...
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From Madonna to K-Mid, M.I.A to err… Ozzy Osbourne, religious iconography in fashion and celebrity is nothing new.


I won’t go into the ins and outs of actual worship here (that would be taking things way too seriously, right?) but the superficial fashion doctrine is this: If you like it then you should put a cross on it.

Donatella Versace is hands down the grand dame of putting crosses on stuff. This is perhaps inspired by her old school Italian Catholic upbringing, or maybe she just thinks it looks rad. Versace A/W 12 used crosses on velvet, bags and bodices. You can use them on just about anything.



First port of call, the neck (vampires beware). Go for tiny multiple crosses on delicate chains. Dogeared are great for this, plus ASOS are creating a brilliant black detachable collar adorned with cross charms for September.


Perfect for next season’s gothic trend or just giving your look some with 90′s ‘tude, double up charms on rings at Pamela Love or play with hosiery with holy detail (‘scuse the pun) at Henry Holland or Topshop. In fact, Toppers have got a whole (Holy) host of crucifix-themed stuff here.

Remember, the look you’re going for is subversive fashion maven, not Sister Act extra; so don’t be too literal with high necklines and long hemlines if you’re planning on going cross-crazy.

Beyond that, your pretty much free to act however you want whilst still looking saintly.

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