Don’t Try This At Home: The Sharpest Of Suits

Ichiro Suzuki is not only a top tailor for Henry Poole, he's also a lovely chap who donated his prize money for this award winning suit to his devastated homeland...
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To give a fine checked suiting cloth a unique stripe, Ichiro Suzuki painstakingly unpicked some warp threads (they run up and down the cloth) to leave the weft threads (that run left to right) hanging as a fringe. Then he put a bright red-and-green tartan as a backing so it could be seen through the fringes. This clever chappy designed, cut out the pattern, and made TOTALLY BY HAND the entire outfit, including frock coat, waistcoat, trousers, shirt, cravat, gloves and shoes.

The 31-year-old Japanese works at Henry Poole, one of the top tailors on Savile Row. His astonishing handwork won him the Silver Shears, one of the top prizes in the tailoring trade’s biennial Olympics for young craftsmen and women. He donated his £1,500 prize money to a disaster fund in his homeland, so he’s a classy guy for more than just his creative skills.

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