Elvine Waterproof Jackets S/S 14

The Swedes can't half make a good raincoat....
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If you want dry go to Nevada. In Britain the rain is as much a part of our make-up as tea at the seaside from polystyrene cups. Luckily our unforgiving Northern European climate means we love a raincoat, much like these new Spring efforts from Elvine.

Elvine is a Swedish clothing brand inspired by Gothenburg’s unrefined subcultures and the legacy of traditional craftmanship. They create, as they put it, "sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behaviour".

The sickeningly handsome bloke in the picture above is wearing a collaboration with rainwear specialist Grundens. It's a sleek urban take on a fisherman's cagoule that we're dribbling over at Sabotage HQ.

This chap below looking at you like you've just nicked his last biscuit is wearing the Bentley jacket, which comes in at a reasonable 144 Euros. That's another thing we like about them: you don't have to sell an organ to buy one.


Available from Elvine.se