Energie Clive Slim Fit Jeans

Nice jeans you can wear until it's hygienically unsafe to do so.
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Energie have got some jeans out, and they're really really nice. They're called Clive. I've got them on now. I've had them on for a while.

I was unsure how to go about reviewing them when I picked them up from their flagship shop in Carnaby Street. I mean, jeans aren't like a meal or a film or anything. You can't just throw them on and write your opinion. They take a good few days of hard wear-and-tear before you can even go about approaching it. It's one thing to look nice, but another to be wearable on a day-to-day basis. That's what they're fucking for.

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As it turns out, the guys and gals at Energie have designed some seriously comfortable jeans here that have a knack of working with everything. They have now survived around 5 or 6 nights out, one holiday and one Christmas Dinner without any issue. Call it laziness, or call it 'my favourite pair of jeans ripping all along the thigh in public', but the Clives are now my number one pair.

Energie Clive, Slim Fit, Regular Waist, Tight Leg Buy at: energie.it

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