Filson "Cape Crusader" Virgin Wool Jacket

Filson been pumping out quality outerwear since Year One, no Joker.
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Filson been pumping out quality outerwear since Year One, no Joker.


Filson have been out in these streets making killer coats for men who don't quite fancy heading into the forest and putting the high-quality outerwear to the kind of tests they were original built for but just wanna look ace down the pub since 1897. That's a long as fuck time, so it's pretty safe to say they know what they're talking about.

While I loathe to call something a fucking "shacket" because I'm an adult man, this is about as close as it really gets: none of this "Oh it's a shirt, basically, but a bit thicker so you can wear it like a jacket if you so chose even though it doesn't look like one, tbh" - this is a proper virgin wool painters jacket that's comfortable, versatile, hard-wearing, warm and something you could actually wear as either a shirt or a jacket depending on your wont.

With more pockets than your avg. billiards table, the Caped Crusader coat comes in this great midnight-blue shade perfect for being Bruce Wayne's Batman on his way intervene in a mugging that runs a smart-casual dress code or some shit, I don't know. Cool, though.

The Filson Caped Crusader jacket is available now from Mr. Porter


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