Five Camo Pieces You Need For The Winter

Just don't wear them all at once. You'll look insane.
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Hartford Camo Shirt


This shirt from French label Hartford is good for disguising yourself in the ocean against predators, such as the deadly shark. Also if you come in Sunday afternoon from a two dayer and pass out on the front room floor, your kids can play boats on your back. 

Beams Plus Button Down Camo Shirt


Classic one, this. Good for hiding in the woods if you want to get out of doing stuff at home, like washing up or paying your TV license. Goes well with indigo or black denim, too. Greasepaint optional. 

adidas Superstar Camo Bomber Jacket


Unless you've got a screw loose and are on the telly showing your collection of automatic weapons to Ross Kemp, bomber jackets and camouflage can work really well. Here's a perfect example from adidas.  

The Hill-Side Brushed Jacquard Camo Pocket Square


Sometimes all you need is a subtle flash of camo to let the world know you could happily survive 'off the radar' if you wanted. The Hill-Side are known for making accessories from the best materials available - this Japanese brushed cotton will look superb hanging out your sky rocket. 

Carhart Camo Mono Shirt


The irony of wearing camouflage if you're not in the army is that it does the exact opposite of what it was designed for, and you end up standing out more than anyone else. A subtle, darker effort like this overshirt from Carhartt is the answer for those days when you don't want to make such a big statement.