Five Designer Sunglasses To Match Any Face

It's summer - so get your specs on! Whether you have a perfect oval face fit for any pair of sunglasses or you’re forever hexed by a sun blocking forehead, here’s a guide to getting the right pair of sun shades for you.
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Considering that a summer of sorts is certainly on its way for once, it’s probably a good time to begin thinking about your retina protectors for the coming months. A task that can often seem quite daunting when attempting to sift through the abundance of frames out there. To make things a little easier, here’s our guide to finding the right pair of sunglasses.

Massive Hooter

If life has unfairly dealt you the snout card then it’s important to avoid any style with a high bridge as this will only emphasise its gargantuan size. You want something with either a low set or double bridge which will effectively shorten the appearance of your nose.

Recommendation:Persol, PO2979S Crystal

Not dissimilar to the standard Wayfarer in design these have the added benefit of a low set bridge to better fit those of us with a less than petite sniffer. The brand was a favourite of Steve ‘Cool As Ice’ McQueen and created his now infamous folding sunglasses.

Football Head

A basic rule is to avoid matching frame shape with your face shape unless you want to emphasise the fact that you have the head of a Muppets character. So, if you’ve got a round face then forget all dreams of donning a John Lennon-esque pair and look for something more rectangular or at least a softer oval frame. Something with a larger width to depth ratio will help make your face look slimmer.

Recommendation:Oliver Peoples Squared Aviator Sunglasses

The standard Aviator design only with a much more squared outer edge that should add some pseudo definition to your curved bonse.

Square Face

If you’ve got a strong lower jaw like former Big Brother contestant Nadia Almada then congratulations, you’re at the pinnacle of masculinity. However, wear the wrong frames and you’re going to look like a cartoon. Avoid the Desperate Dan look by going for something with a tapered edge, leading upwards towards your temples. The same rule applies if you suffer from the ailment known as Massiveforeheaditis. Only this time, working in the opposite way, go for something tapered inwards around the top edges.

Recommendation: Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses

More of a casual pair of sunglasses owing to the plastic frame, which also allows them to stand out sufficiently from the usual metal framed Top Gun efforts. They’re nicely tapered along both the top and bottom edge leading the contours of both your jaw and forehead inwards rather than out.

Ruud Van Nistleroy Face

If you’re carrying a face like a horse then you should aim for a frame that has a decent amount of depth but not too much width which would only highlight the fact that your chin is scraping the floor.

Recommendation: Ray Ban Clubmasters

A classic design that’s every bit as iconic as the brands classic Wayfarer frame but unlike the latter these don’t seem to have completely drenched the high street. A flexible look that is as perfectly acceptable in a formal environment as it is in a more relaxed setting.

Finally, if you’re one of those bastards with an Oval shaped face then give yourself a pat on the back. You can pretty much get away with any style of eye attire and the world is your massive sunglasses oyster. But, for sake of completion, you might want to take a look at the....

Persol Keyhole

So called due to the cut-out detailing their bridge, their oversized round frames can make these a difficult look for most people. On the right person though these will ooze classic charm, perfect for mulling about on the beach or tearing through the city pretending to be Bullitt.

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