Freshen Up: The 5 Best Wash Bags

Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? A decent travel bag for your bathroom bits is a failsafe plan. Here are some you'll wonder how you lived without...
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Inevitably you'll get socks, boxers, a "shower set", or maybe a Wickes gift voucher on Christmas day. The petulant ten year old inside you rues your family's lack of thought. You feel unloved, unknown and jealous of the collection of smiling faces under the tree, surrounded by shiny new gifts and wrapping paper. Your resentment stews from within and in between mouthfuls of turkey presents itself in the form of a sarcastic joke about your ever growing collection of socks and unused gift vouchers. With that ill-conceived quip you thoroughly offend your mother and ruin her Christmas in the process, well done you indignant little sod, go to your bedroom and think about what you’ve just said. Who do you think you are anyway? Turning up once a year, expecting to be fed, watered and presented with gifts. You utter git.

Hang on though, this was your fault. Wasn’t it? Remember that conversation in late November?

"So what do you want this year?"

"Dunno, erm, a surprise, you get me what you think I’d like."

Don't let history repeat itself, be ready for the call and have an idea up your sleeve.

And here’s one for you- how about a new wash bag? After all that Physio Sport wash bag you've been using for the past 15 years has seen better days. Here are five perfect travel companions…

1) Barbour Leather Wash Bag (pictured - £69.95 at Barbour) 

2) Calabrese Green Gajola Tartan Wash Bag (£45 at Liberty) 


3) J Crew Montague Leather Wash Bag (£110 at Mr Porter)


4) Mismo Mustard Yellow Wash Bag (£140 at Opumo)


5) Sandqvist Blue Adrian Wash Bag (£65 at Liberty) 



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