Get Shirty

It's getting hotter and hotter, you need big T-shirts. If you like Tees with designs on them we recommend you become a Nervous Passenger.
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Are those Tees you wore last year looking a little tighter than you remember, maybe they were slept in at a festival just once too often or maybe they just aren't as cool as you thought? If this is the case can we suggest you check out NP is run by a former colleague of ours at Sabotage Times, Jim Parry, who left rainy London for sunny Australia nearly a decade ago, met and married a beautiful woman, found themselves a nice little harbour-side flat overlooking the water, started a family and just got on with the good life. As Jim's dad inexplicably said to me when were stood in the back garden prodding a bbq and staring over at the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge one lovely afternoon 'Shit in a hat!'

What's good goes around and Nervous Passenger have knocked out some rather nice designs. Not all might be to your taste but we have purchased the Upturned Headphones Smiley Badge and the Sold To Satan and if you're at all impressed by what musicians wear I know that a couple of former members of Joy Division and current members of Bad Lieutenant are also rocking the Sold To Satan look. They're nice and big and are made of decent material, respond well to the washing machine and you can rest assured you won't be seeing everyone in them.