Bagel Head: The Bizarre New Japanese Fashion Trend

Been tattooed? Had your ear pierced? These are all old news now. Take the next logical step and get a bagel put in your forehead....
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We’ve all been there, sleep still in our eyes, slowly strolling to the office, gnawing on a fresh bagel and thinking to ourselves: “Bagels are delicious, and they also look awesome. Really… on trend. If only I could inject saline into my forehead and look more like a bagel.”

Ok. Maybe you haven’t. But some people have apparently and it’s taking the edgier remits of Japan by storm according to National Geographic anyway. Although, I have no real proof of this other than their word and in actuality I’m fairly confident it’s less a storm and more a light shower akin to the London vampire phenomena but still, at least three people have these. Which is quite concerning.

The process, known fantastically as ‘bagel head’ beauty treatment involves injecting saline into your forhead so that your head swells like a cross between a Klingon and the end bit of Blade were the baddie explodes. Then someone sticks their thumb in the middle like a fleshy thumbpot (pottery term for a crap pot anyone can make) and hey presto, you’ve got a bagel on your head. Don’t really know why nobody has thought of doing it before really.

Now we wouldn’t really recommend this look to anyone because in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a fucking skin bagel on your forehead but if you must (and it does only last 24hours so in a Hangover-stag-party kind of way it might be pretty funny), we would suggest teaming it with rolled-up drain pipe jeans and a simple t-shirt/mask combination. Or if you’re feeling particularly daring, a spot of cream cheese.

Now go get ‘em you freaky bastards.

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