Get The 'True Grit' Look With Whillas and Gunn

The Coen Brothers latest offering presented us with a Western adventure as dirty and compelling as it was stylish. Whillas and Gunn's Spring and Summer collection has arrived in time for you to get the rough and ready U.S Marshall look for yourself. (Jeff Bridges' beard not included)
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This is no time for foppish follies and dandy delights. We need functionality to meet style on a street corner and exchange a knowing nod, where prospector gun slingers and bushranger bad-notes stake their livelihoods in what they believe in. Beards and boot-polish boy, the aesthetic of Brolin in ‘True Grit’ and Bronson’s moustache, Ned Kelly in a drovers coat soundtracked by Nick Cave and the Grindermen, real honest materials mixed with the attitude of an outlaw.

Whillas & Gunn’s forays into the fashion world are recent, yet it is with time-honoured tradition that owner and creative director Richard Whillas goes about producing his collections in the same way that his family have done for generations, manufacturing clothing strong enough to endure the harshest conditions the Australian Outback has to throw at them. ‘Not a Heritage brand, but a brand with Heritage’ is befitting of Whillas & Gunn’s story, but its narrative is told far better by the classic oilskins, hard wearing canvas and rugged leather detailing that adorn the collection.

The three-quarter length Burns coat, with its subtle tonal pinstripe and slim silhouette give way to a mini-cut away collar cotton and hemp mix shirt, lightweight yet strong enough to roll up its sleeves and do some dirt. Earth-brown military pants feature re-inforced tailored darting at the ankle and knee for added resilience against the elements, and the thick canvas duffle bags are perfect for slinging a sack full of bounty over your shoulder like a true Bank Robber.

‘Workwear’ and ‘Heritage’ have become buzz words devoid of weight or meaning in their strictest sense, as every brand under the high noon sun looks to excavate some form of fabricated history. But the main proponent of this style is not the necessity of age, but that of construction, and its integral sincerity and quality that must be brought to the fore.

Devote your nuggets to a wearable wardrobe that is built to last, and let the timeless, classic quality of durability shape your summer style. You can view the rest of the collection on the website

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