Goodmans x Rig Out: Only One Choice In The City

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You know Goodmans. They do those lovely portable radios from the '60s with the leather strap handle. That's how everyone knows them, but they've been around since 1923 and are still knocking out simple, beautifully designed audio equipment today. 

In fact, to prove they know the game in the 21st century they've made a film with the Rig Out to document the thriving underground music culture in London.

'Only One Choice in the City' follows Organ Tapes and Soundbwoy Killah, two upcoming producers in East London who live and breathe the electronic music scene. It's shot around East London and on the Thamesmead Estate (where they did A Clockwork Orange, but you already knew that). 

Have a butchers. BTW the little portable he's playing with at around 10 seconds is the Goodmans Go. I've got one. They're great for the house. 

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