Great Not! The Crushing Disappointment Of Nike Air Mags

22 Years of waiting for 'the greatest trainer never released' is set continue. It's all for a good cause though, so do try not to get too furious...
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Some of you may have seen my article yesterday lauding Nike for their  ambition and determination shown in their supposed production of The Nike Air Mag, Marty McFly's self-lacing shoes from Back To The Future II.

After 22 long years, sneaker and regular geeks alike were treated to a teaser trailer showing a room full of what appeared to be glowing, resplendent Nike Air Mags laying in rest, waiting to fulfill the lifetime dream of millions of nerds. Coupled with the information that Nike had patented a design for an 'automatic fastening system' just 18 months earlier, we were led to believe that this would be the day. Twitter nearly wet itself with excitement, debate raged about whether or not grown men should be allowed to wear what are essentially glowing moon boots and Nike fans sat staring at their computer screens long into the night waiting, praying for an announcement.

They were to be left somewhat disappointed.

An official Nike announcement, a Michael J Fox appearance on David Letterman and a high-budget advertisement starring NBA star Kevin Durant and Doc Brown himself, all affirmed that Nike would indeed be releasing a version of the Nike Air Mag, BUT... they would not be self-lacing, and only 1,500 pairs would be listed on Ebay.

"Hi Nike. I hate you....Why do you dangle this shit infront of us like a donkey pulling a fucking wagon."

Again, the internet went mental.

People were fuming, the finer details of the release, and the fact that  proceeds would go to Fox's Parkinson Research Foundation were ignored in a flurry of anger and one-upmanship. Even a self deprecating dig from Nike in their own commercial could not spare them from the fury of a million geeks scorned. "Does this 'power lace'?" asks Doc Brown as he receives an Air Mag from the Nike employee (played by frat-packs man of the hour Bill Hader), only to be told 'Not untill 2015."... D'ya see what they did there?

I was a bit cross at first, I'll be honest. I had written a few hundred words about a waiting world's enthusiasm for this pair of shoes and had been genuinely looking forward to seeing them in action. However, on balance, it's for a brilliant cause and was a great gesture from Nike to Michael J Fox, who's unassuming, understated cool is the only reason that these trainers are in such demand. Plus, I just couldn't allow myself to become as infuriated as MrJoeBloggs on YouTube who said:

"Hi Nike. I hate you....Why do you dangle this shit infront of us like a donkey pulling a fucking wagon."

Come on Joe, only 4 more years to wait.... perhaps.

Great Scott! Nike To Release Marty McFly's Trainers

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