Great Scott! Nike To Release Marty McFly's Trainers

For 22 years they have been the greatest trainer never made, is it all about to change?
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"Power Laces! Alriiight!" exclaimed Marty McFly in 1989 as he pulled on his Nike Air Mags and they tightened and fastened automatically. A million geeks choked on their popcorn, and instantly inherited a new life mission: To own those sneakers.

22 years of disappointment followed. 22 years without a hoverboard, 22 years waiting for Doc Brown to come steaming down their driveway, one hand on the wheel of the DeLorean, the other cradling a pair of Nike Air Mags just for them. Nothing. Just 22 years of tying their own laces and spraypainting Air Max silver in a vain attempt to match the true wonder of McFly's footwear. But perhaps they'd have to wait a little longer, after all Back To The Future II was set in 2015.

Some of these people are now in their 30's, perhaps even 40's, some have families, proper jobs and watch grown up films about lost children and marriages breaking down. So there is probably no market for these sneakers any more, right? Nike would be wasting their time and money developing fancy shoes for a set of people who are never going to buy them, right?

WRONG. They're shoes that tie themselves, that will always be fucking cool.

22 years later, Nike Air Mags are still the greatest trainers never made. There have been half-hearted attempts to mimic their colourway and style from Nike, but geeks and sneaker fans alike are not easy to con. Nothing but the real thing would do. How much longer would they have to wait to fulfill that childhood dream?

Earlier this week Nike invited a selection of press to LA for a " big announcement", on arrival this sneaker glitterati were greeted by 1980s Pepsi, a pair of metallic sunglasses and an iPod which played them a message from Doc Brown. That message said:

“Welcome to Los Angeles. If my calculations are correct, over the next 24 hours you are about to see some SERIOUS SHIT!”

Nike are now planning an 'unveiling that could change the course of time' for tomorrow in LA. Could this be the moment that we see Air Mag McFly's?

Couple these latest teasers with the patent that Nike submitted last year which described a 'lighting system which is associated with an automatic fastening system", all things are pointing towards geeks finally having their day. And Great Scott! They deserve it.

A release of Nike Air Mags will not only be a game-changer in terms of sneaker-culture, but will also highlight Nike's ambition and drive to please its loyal fanbase. All they need to do now is get to work on a hoverboard ...

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