Hancock Bespoke Macs

Big macs...
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British label Hancock have just launched a new bespoke service on their website. This is good news to anyone who's a fan of the luxury mac brand, whose handmade pieces are inspired by designs patented by Thomas Hancock, founding father of the British rubber industry, in the 19th century.

The long and the short of that is you can now get a mac like the one in the picture in pretty much any colours you bleeding well want, made to their usual outstanding standards.

The service offers you the chance to personalise 16 different elements of their silhouettes, from the collar to the cuffs to the vents to the pockets to the sleeves.

On top of that, customers have a choice of limited edition vulcanised cloths. They do boys and girls jackets, and it's almost December, do you see where I'm going with this? Get your other half one for Christmas. All that stuff we told you in the first paragraph, tell that to them when you give it to them. People like stories, especially at Christmas. You'll be in the good books until at least March.


For all the info visit Hancockva.com