Hentsch Man Open Pop-Up Shop In Soho's Sex Lane

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As far as locations for pop-up shops go, they don't get much better than the site of an old adult cinema (in fact, it's the same one we reviewed here).

Soho's traditional centre of sleaze is getting a facelift. From next year Walker's Court, the walkway between Berwick St and Brewer St lined with sex shops and scantily clad ladies, will be home to luxury apartments and shops that probably won't sell dildos. Yes it's a shame to see the place slowly scrubbed of its old gritty character, but that's life, things change, you either spend your days moaning or get on with it and have a cuppa tea and remember the good times.


Anyway, in the interim period savvy little label Hentsch Man have taken over one of the units as a temporary shop until 24th December. And yes, apparently people do come in thinking it's still a sex shop and then have to make small talk about the clothes once they realise there's no viagra for sale.

Inside you'll find all their lovely clothes from 100% merino sweaters to gorgeous shirts plus their unique slants on tailoring.


If you can't make it to London before the 24th Dec or you disagree with entering a place of sin and vice on account of it being morally reprehensible (said in Dot Cotton's voice) then you can visit their website and buy your clothes there instead. Everyone's a winner.