Heritage Research: The Thinking Man's Fashion Collection

Looking to freshen up your wardrobe with classic British style that has a modern feel? Then check out the latest line from Heritage Research.
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Last year saw their first domestic collection, a British brand which had previously only been available in Japan, Heritage Research take their craft very seriously, with a great varied seasonal collection of garments, everything from airborne trousers to varsity jackets, waxed parkas and brogues, all which grace the hands of master-craftspersons from start to finish whilst being constructed primarily in English workshops with the best fabrics and materials from British waxed cotton, Japanese denim and United States produced leather and canvas not to mention Swiss zip specialists RiRi.

Featuring collaborations with noted brands and stores such as Manchesters Oi Polloi and Present of Shoreditch and with specialists in their own field such as Quoddy and Viberg boots, Eastman Leathers and Duluth based bag manufacturers. As it says on the tin, the guys at Heritage Research obsess with exactly that, heritage, research, nostalgia and timeless iconic style, most key pieces are recreated for those of us who desire an authentic garment from a specific period of time or place but want a more modern and contemporary cut and aesthetic. Garments which in design, look and feel, match the originals but can be assimilated into a modern wardrobe for a classic item of clothing which will outlive any kind of modern day fashion fad.

Because HR garments are hand crafted the generic slickness of mass manufacturing is replaced with a genuine loving character, quality and superb attention to detail, Heritage Research is essentially designed and made for someone who appreciates the stamp of an individual rather than that of a production line.

Personally, I'd say it's one of the best new brands to surface in quite some time, especially the Fausto Coppi cycling jacket which I think is mint, well, it's actually in apple, but you know what I mean. Here's a little selection.

Heritage Research

is available in selected stockists across the UK.

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