You Need A Pair Of Buckled Loafers

"You gotta throw on ya Scooby Doos".
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If you want to look like you make your living serving up to footballers in Epping Forest Country Club circa 1995 (and believe me, you do want to look like that) then you need to get yourself a pair of buckled loafers. 


Horatio shoes are handmade in Italy, which is the best start to life a loafer can have. I was over there last week and your average old boy on the bus is better dressed than a dozen LC:M bloggers put together. It's a way of life. Believe they know their way around a shoe. Accept no imitazione. 

The Horatio Beaufoy (the model your looking at in the pictures) offer an excellent quality alternative to the big money Italian brands. Don't be scared to go all mature-Paninaro and roll your jeans up a bit to show them off. Fuck it. Open the door to the postman in them with your silk dressing gown and cigarette holder. Really get into character.

They come in a range of materials and colours. If you asked me I'd tell you to do it properly and go for the croc, but you don't have to listen to me, I'm not your mum, they all work. 


You can buy a pair of these lovely wheels from Present.