'Ian Brown' Adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi ZXZ

Adidas casts some more monkey magic over their latest Ian Brown inspired release with an installation paying homage to The Stone Roses frontman.
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King Monkey, that bloke that once threatened to roundhouse kick Steve Jones in the face and frontman of one of the most beatified bands to come out of Manchester- there are many reasons to want to bromance Ian Brown but if you need any more the man knows his way around a good shoe.

There has already been a lot of mutual love between The Stone Roses' lead singer and Adidas, the man himself having teamed up with them before for the Superstar 35th Anniversary collection. This time round Kazuki Kuraishi, a hardcore Stone Roses fan, has lovingly designed a pair of ZXZ with the sunken-eyed Mancunian's face branded on the tongue no less.To honour the release Adidas have gone one step further and decked out their No.6 London flagship store with a special installation displaying the brand new ZXZ alongside all manner of monkey man memorabilia.

This is all explained much more coherently and with limited stock available over at Crooked Tongues

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