My Style: Jim Stanton (Horse Meat Disco)

Not only does he co-run the best weekly club night in London, he's also a man passionate about his threads...
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Few would argue that Horse Meat Disco, held every Sunday night at The Eagle, Vauxhall, sets the bar for clubbing in London. As one of the four residents Jim Stanton is rightly regarded as one of the finest disco DJs in the world, but while known for his record collection, Jim is also one of the best turned out DJs we've had the pleasure of meeting. Here's what he had to say about his style.

Where Do You Shop

RRL / Trickers / Kapital ( Japan ) / J.Crew / Yukten / Common Projects / Brookes Brothers/ Nike / Blue In Greene (NYC) / Odin / 45 RPM (Japan/NY)

How Has Your Style Changed Over The Years

I think I've just found a good balance where I can look sharp and smart in casual clothing, and I have found a style that makes me feel good. I now feel like I dress in a manner that is appropriate to my age and lifestyle.

Current Favourite Item Of Clothing

Currently my olive Kapital jacket and Yuketen shoes but I have a soft spot for Trickers

 Favourite hand-me-down or second-hand buy

I have a Barbour jacket which was a hand me down from my father which is about 30 years old, it's an amzing fit and still enduring.

Your Favourite Pair of Shoes

Trickers tan Keswick Brogue with commando soles

Biggest Fashion Mistake You've Ever Made

I had a brush with gothic in my early teens which doesn't count I guess!

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Oliver Reed

A Well Dressed Man Should Always....

1 - Have great shoes and socks

2 - Wear the best watch they can possibly afford

3 - Have a slight feminine touch (I think it was Elvis who said this!)