The Kangol 504

As far as iconic headwear goes, it doesn't come much better than this...
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There are so many reasons to love Junior Soprano we can't even begin to list them, we'd be here all day, but a good place to start is at the top - his hat, to be exact.

Back in the 90s everybody's favourite no-nonsense Mafia boss reclaimed the flatcap from Arthur Fowler and made it a symbol of give-no-fucks leisure wear, rather than the choice of the simpleton handyman in British sitcoms. True, Samuel L Jackson had been doing this backwards Kangol thing for years, but as many realised the hard way, it's a look that only really works if you are Samuel L Jackson, not Steve from the Dog and Duck.

Step forward Corrado 'Uncle Ju' Soprano, with a stare that could topple a donkey at 50 paces and a Kangol 504 on his head, he became a beacon of style among the garish silk shirts and ill fitting trousers of the New Jersey mob.

In 1954 Kangol used the original Basque Beret as a basis for its new designs, using stiffened materials to form a peak, giving birth to the first wool 504 cap, with immediate success (the name '504' comes from the reference number of the wooden block on which the hat was shaped). Over 60 years later it remains the only real place you need to look when delving into the world of flat cappery.

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