Klattermusen Outerwear

It means 'Climbing Mouse', BTW.
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With a name like a long forgotten Leeds centre-half from the O Leary era, Klattermusen is a new addition to the Oi Polloi stable, making outdoor clothing and backpacks in a way only a company from the rural Swedish county of Jämtland could. 

The brand has been around since 1984, when founder and biologist Peter Askulv decided the gear on offer for his ice climbing and cave diving escapades wasn't up to scratch, leading him to use an extensive knowledge of science to create sustainable, durable products of his own. 


Oi Polloi shot the lookbook along the sand dunes in Formby, Lancashire. I'll tell you something about Formby. Other than it once being home to John Toshack, it's one of the last remaining places in England where you'll find red squirrels, or Sciurus vulgaris. All the others died because the grey mob brought over 'Squirrelpox' from North America. Imagine that. A massive squirrel apocalypse is happening while we're sat at home watching Eggheads. Makes you think doesn't it? It could be us next. 


Another member of the animal community almost exclusive to Formby is the Natterjack Toad. You'll know it from its distinctive call, which can sound similar to John Toshack's digestive system after a particularly hot vindaloo from the local curry house. Here's a YouTube video so you don't get confused. 

Most importantly, Klattermusen gear looks sharp, because let's face it none of us are going ice climbing this weekend. You can buy it from Oi Polloi from Thursday.