Known Streetwear: From The Ghetto-Dwellin' Youth To The 'Burbs

Swindon may not be renowned for being at the cutting edge of urban fashion, yet you can't argue with Known's classic designs.
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“From the ghetto-dwellin’ youth to the bourgies in the burbs… It’s good to be here!” This is the quote from Digable Planets that introduces new streetwear brand KNOWN’s debut look-book. It sums up two of the Swindon-based brand’s most striking characteristics; a clear inspiration taken from music and a desire to go big – to be KNOWN by everyone, from the burbs to the ghetto.

To blow up worldwide might sound like a bold suggestion for a brand from Swindon, but within the streetwear world I have seen far, far worse. KNOWN boast an attractive simplicity in their designs that capture a timeless street style. You can’t argue against this classic college font crew-neck.


Throughout the collection I also get a feel for more of KNOWN’ musical influences. Emblazoned in subtle stylishness across many of their tees are lyrics and songs from Public Enemy (“It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”), De La Soul (“Stakes is High”) and Guru (“Le Bien, Le Mal”).


In their mission statement Known make no secret of the fact that they are influenced by the legendary street wear brands that have come before them. The “groundbreakers and influencers.” While this attraction to the history of streetwear somewhat prevents Known from being wholly groundbreaking themselves, it does ensure that their collection is consistently strong. Known adopt styles that are Known for looking good. I could wear this tee all day every day:


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