Label Love: Standout Labels from Past and Present

Most of us are guilty of coveting designer labels from time to time, whilst some of the greats have faded into mediocrity, here's a selection of the some of the best examples from past and present.
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With the current popularity of minimalist and unbranded garments, it’s nice to re-visit some of the more familiar logos and branding from time to time. The importance of the label is its ability to make a brand instantly recognisable. What makes a great label? To me the best are the ones I know and trust – brands that set out their stall from the get go, producing quality products, that standout and have lasting value. Sticking to their chosen ethos, despite change in trends, creates an appreciation of the brand. You invest more in their products and they become a trustworthy label. If something lasts and has value for money, you are generally likely to buy that label again and again.

Brands that manage to utilise this over a long period become have seen their labels become iconic through association with different scenes and subcultures. A handful of sportswear brands association with young match going lads back in the 80’s would be the obvious example. Although this has also been known to be counter-productive as well, with negative connotations sometimes being applied to a certain label, damaging its reputation with their intended clientele.

When looking through all of the clothes I have acquired over the years my immediate realisation was that I have been guilty of coveting labels in the past and I am still at it today. It’s too easy to develop an obsession with one brand and wear nothing but that chosen label. Alas this is where brands can sometimes fall down. Relying on the success of a popular style or collection – re-creating the same old garments and attaching their logo is something anyone can do and the brand can quickly become stale. These labels are by no means the be all and end all of menswear – far from it. This is simply an appreciation of some labels I have bought and re-bought due to their style, aesthetic, quality and also their continual evolution. To me they are iconic and represent timeless appeal and quality throughout.

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