Winter Is All About Boyfriend Jeans & Beanie Hats

Start layering like a badass. Here’s a few handy hints for the ladies on the key to looking (and staying) hot when it’s not.
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It’s winter, yo. Though the seasonal change is a fairly regular phenomenon – y’know, IT HAPPENS TWICE A YEAR, EVERY YEAR, STAT – we still feel slightly taken by surprise when we find ourselves commuting in the dark, shivering at the bus stop and faffing about for unglam yet oh-so practical things like vests (ugh) and socks (blah) to keep us warm in the Big Chill (that’s temperature, not festival).

So here’s a few handy hints on the key to looking (and staying) hot when it’s not AKA the key pieces of clothing you need for layering like a badass this winter.


No, it’s not sexy (we can call it a cami if it helps?) but yes, it really will keep you hotter than Ryan Gosling dancing on fiery coals in the underbelly of Hell. Get one that’s long enough to tuck into your jeans (or, if it’s ‘effin’ freezin’, your undergarments, but be aware that you will NOT look sexual) and stay well toasty.

Lace trim camisole, £16, M&S 


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Boyfriend jeans

I actually detest the term ‘boyfriend’ jeans. Such a load of wank. Unless you’re the star of a cutsie American cheese-fest movie, there’s not much chance of sharing your big ol’ boyfriend’s 34”/34” jeans, eh? And what if you're single? Awkward. Anyhoo, these styles from One Teaspoon are just the ticket (and if it was really RIDIC cold, you could even go the whole hog and layer a pair of leggings and tights UNDERNEATH – yeah, you heard – orrrr... you could just not go outside).

One Teaspoon jeans, £105, ASOS 

Checked flannel shirt

You can’t fail to have noticed that the 90s are BACK. I say this, assuming that you lived through them first time round. If you didn’t, why are you reading this? You should still be at school, or something. Anyway, when layering up this winter, ask yourself, would Kurt Cobain wear this? And only proceed if you answer in the positive.

Checked flannel shirt, £16.75, Forever 21 


BDG Crossed Flannel Shirt, £30, Urban Outfitters

 Floral Checked Flannel Shirt, Forever 21

Breton stripe top

A rascal bit of kit, the classic Breton stripe top. You can layer it under things, like the aforementioned checked shirt but here’s a cheeky tip: try layering it OVER garms; the tight fit will reign in the bulk and help you avoid looking like the Michelin Man.

Stripe top. £12.95, Gap 

Short sleeve sweater

Another tippity top layering tip, this: when you’re layering up, make use of differing sleeve lengths – espesh the top layer. Invest in a cashmere jumper with shorter sleeves like this guy from Lacoste.

Failing that, just get a Fair Isle sweater with a polar bear on and be done, yeah?

Short-sleeved cashmere sweater, £160, Lacoste 

Polar bear pullover, £45, Urban Outfitters 


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You lose a trillion per cent of your body heat through your head, or something, so make like Rita Ora and all the cool kids and pop an ironic beanie or baseball cap atop your bonce – but seriously; DO make like Rita Ora and go girly with the makeup with a swipe of red lippy or suchlike. You don’t want people thinking you’re a geezer.

Markus Lupfer knit hat, £55, Whistles

Boy London Black Snapback Cap, £35, ASOS 


The practical option here would be a pair of uhh-maze Nike Air Max like THESE bad boys (seriously, I DIE), but my problem is this: I need my yin to work in harmony with my yang. As in, if I’m a bit tomboyish on the top half, I need to balance out with the lippy, and some heels. Try these buckled lace-up boots which give the illusion of sturdy hiking boots... but, er, have heels.

Nike Air Max Black & Gold Trainers, £95, Urban Outfitters 

Heeled hiking boots, £29.75, Forever 21