Lucky Seven Caps: Bespoke Caps Inspired By Your Pop Culture Heroes

Lucky Seven caps are a cool website that make the best bespoke trucker and army caps in the business. With a number of patches and embroidery to choose from inspired by cult TV and film, now you can finally become the 80s pop culture hero you always wanted...
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If you're not familiar with Lucky Seven, they're the brilliant cap company that can make you the cap perfect for you. Forget the naff New-Era cr*p, Lucky Seven make classic style caps for the ages. What makes a Lucky Seven stand out, however, is the fact that each cap is custom made for you. Log onto their website and you can chose the style, colour and patches for cap within a few short clicks.


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Lucky Seven was founded by Jay Jay Burridge ,a true movie lover who grew up on Star Wars and Alien films and kicked it all of as hobbie that has gone on strength to strength.  Lucky Seven have a variety of crest and patches from some of pop cultures most memorable films and television programmes. Thanks to them, you can now fuel your geek fandom with a custom made cap saying you're a member from  Encom (the computer company in the Tron film franchise), Weyland Yuntani (of the Alien and Promethus film series) or even a member of Cobra Kai (Daniel-San's enemies from Karate Kid). It's little wonder they're popular with such celebrities as Simon Pegg and Idris Elba as modelled in our gallery.

These are a real winner for us, combining the best of streetwear self expression with the luxuries that bespoke clothing offers. And then there's the geek twist for added bonus points.  Hat wearers, head on over to  Lucky Seven and get making that bespoke cap of your heart's desire.

 You can find out more on Lucky Seven Caps and their goings on here, on their blogspot.