Made In Britain: The Beautiful North

A small, British brand, without all the Union Jacks and over-zealous patriotism, The Beautiful North are ones to watch...
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Quality, UK-produced garments come at a premium. You need only to look at the plethora of brands that are marketing themselves solely on the fact that they're from Britain, to realise it's a gimmick that pays well. The Beautiful North are a little bit different. Their small, neat range of lovingly crafted garments are created and printed in The UK where possible, however this isn't reflected in gargantuan price-tags and bizzare, embossed Union Jacks everywhere.

A smart range of T-shirts and sweaters that evoke  an upbringing in the North of England, a passion for cycling, football and the great outdoors -  along with the occasional nod to Russia - have set the groundwork for a brand that are well worth keeping your eye on.



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