The Munsingwear pump

Celebrated shirt maker puts best foot forward.
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In 1955, the Minneapolis based firm, Munsingwear, suppliers of military clothing, launched the first iconic golfing shirt. The firm took its logo and name from a stuffed penguin (named Peter) that a Munsingwear salesman had bought in New York slapped it on the shirt and the item, unlike said fowl, flew out.  Re-launched in 2003 by Perry Ellis as, Original Penguin, the label is now known for timeless, effortless, casual wear that one can wear almost anywhere. One such item in their collection is their Munsingwear Plimsol - that available in black or white or grey canvas with a gum sole and rubber mudguard -is easily worn with shorts, jeans, suits or for that matter, anything mentioned on this page. Equally adept are the Musingwear Trainers that equally old school and equally informal will allow those, who should have left your common or garden trainer behind years ago (but cannot divorce themselves from the comfort factor), to still look presentable in adult company.

Original Penguin Munsingwear Plimsol £25
Original Penguin Munsingwear trainer £49