Maximum Tweed

Hacket looked back to the days before motorcars had heated seats or even roofs to inspire their Aston Martin Racing Tweed caps, jackets and bags.
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I never thought I’d find myself being driven around Goodwood racing track in an Aston Martin DBRS9 at 210km per hour by Le Mans winner Rickard Rydell. But there I was, heart in mouth, as the guest of Hackett, the racing team’s sponsor, for the launch of the Aston Martin Racing tweed. The cloth, created for Hackett by the reputable Three Estates Company of Scotland, comes in suits, scarves, blankets, the obligatory flat cap and a quite superb carry-on bag with brown leather trim. ‘Aston Martin is the perfect partner for Hackett,’ says Jeremy Hackett. ‘And when Aston began, tweed was the garment of choice behind the wheel of the new horseless carriages. That continued until advanced heating systems. We’ve decided to revive the driving tweed tradition.’
Tweed Horse & Hound carry-on bag costs £395. The Flat Cap costs £40.

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