Mike Keat: The Five Most Stylish Scotsmen Of All Time

The Cuban Brothers' head hermano knows a thing about dressing snappily. Here he runs down the sharpest brothers from his home country...
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1. Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Silvester Severino Maria Stuart AKA 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'

Commonly known in Britain during his lifetime as the Jacobite pretender, Charlie was a very stylish, some would say effete, individual who spent his young life in Rome and Bologna. On trying to regain the thrones of England and Scotlandm he caused quite a stir with his powdered wigs, silk shirts and ruffs and beautifully designed tartan tabards….Scotland’s first metrosexual dandy.

 2.Sir Harry Lauder

A fellow Edinburgh Portobelloian of mine, and the world’s best known Music Hall comedian and singer before the war. He was once the highest paid performer in the world commanding 1,000 dollars a night on tour in America in 1911 with his own railroad train. He was the first British artiste to sell a million records and was once described by Winston Churchill as Scotland’s greatest ever ambassador. His style became as famous as his music.

He usually performed in full highland regalia -  Kilt, Sporran ,Tam o shanter and twisted walking stick but offstage the finest Harris and Donegal 3-piece suits and bespoke handmade Italian leather shoes were the charismatic cat’s  order of the day. My personal favourite song of his is the classic 1905 belter 'I love a lassie' …Style and talent yon Harry.


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3. Sean Connery

The world’s greatest Bond, a man so handsome and stylish that anybody rocking a tuxedo after the mid 60s looked towards Señor Connery as a benchmark of style and sophistication. I met him at the Usher Hall Edinburgh in 2000 and he looked down at me and uttered the most perfect statement any man ever has:  "Nishe jacket shon." I almost  shat myself with pride.

 4. Billy Connolly

Billy has a lot to answer for as far as contemporary 'Hipster' style is concerned. The first man I ever saw rocking the second skin tight jeans with an oversized patterned shirt still being flexed today by the young and so called stylish throughout the nation. Billy's style is as indefinable as it is simply HIS. I have met him on a number of occasions and regardless of how much of a fan I am of him as a comic and actor his schmutter has always made me smile, if sometimes raise an eyebrow.

 5. Jonathan Saunders.

The fashion designer known for his work with prints and use of traditional silk screening techniques has designed for everyone from Mcqueen to Pucci, and has dressed Madonna, Kylie and Michelle Obama. He is an extraordinarily stylish man who can rock a double breasted cashmere two piece or a pair of chinos and chunky cable knit and look so effortlessly dope in either. Respectos to the Saunders laddie.

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