Modern Toss Swearing Jacket And Clothworks Exhibition

Get your arses down to the Ink_D gallery in Brighton tomorrow for a live portrait session with Jon and Mick from Modern Toss. If you can't, it's on until the 29th May. So hurry up, yeah?
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Many activites have had clothing designed specifically for their practice: hunting, smoking, submissive sexual role play. But never before has the popular activity of swearing been graced with it's own garment. Now it has. Now at last if you feel like you have a bout of heavy swearing coming on, you can slip into this superb, bespoke 'Swearing Jacket' and let the cloth itself inspire you to really ramp it up to a new level. Featuring precision-selected abuse based on the chemical elements of the Periodic Table, the Modern Toss 'Swearing Jacket' designed by Gresham Blake is just one of the startlingly tasty 'Clothworks' (mainly tea towels yeah) to be unveiled at the latest Modern Toss exhibition 'Modern Cloth' at Ink_d gallery Brighton, 29th April -  29th May.

What's more, if you're mooching about in Brighton tomorrow, May 7,  you could forget about comparing flip-flops and tattoos down the Gemini Bar and get your arse along to the gallery for a live portrait session, yeah?

The jacket is £850.

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