Nike Air Max Ultra BW

100 things we love right now #85
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Updated on Nike Air Max BW Grey @JD Sports £105.jpg

You know why I love the Nike Air Max BW? They remind me of Wesley Snipes' car in Demolition Man. That one seater from the future. It looked streamlined as fuck. In 1993 that car was the greatest thing I'd ever seen. 

Looking back, that film predicted loads of things correctly: iPads, Skype, self driving cars, Wesley Snipes going to prison. Sly Stallone was pretty good in it too. No Rocky, granted, but definitely better than Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot. 

The Air Max BW were originally released in 1991 and have seen a host of re-issues in various colourways since, but in my mind these monochromatic grey and black ones work best with the lightweight textile upper. The BW stands for big window, btw. As in, the one in the heel. If you ask me, of all the recent Air Max reissues these dark horses are among the best. Nike Air Max BW Ultra Black @JD Sports £105.jpg

They're available in store and online now from JD Sports.