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Noel Gallagher's Signature Adidas Trainers

Currently riding the crest of a wave with the High Flying Birds, Noel has gone and got his own range of Adidas...
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One of the tings that pisses off us mere mortals is that celebrities, who earn far much more than us, get free shit. From footballers getting 200 pairs of boots a season, to rock stars being spoonfed gak and supermodels until their gizzards explode, it really gets on our tits. But way above that is the trainer endorsement, getting your phizzog emblazoned on a pair of daps that you'd happily buy anyway. There have, obviously, been some shockers in this field, mostly involving rappers, but these Noel Gallagher Adidas are beauties.

Based on the Classic 72' training shoe, the deal (that also included a shed load of cash and two tickets to the World Cup final) came about after Noel appeared in the Adidas Star Wars videos last year . Limited to 120 pairs, they go on sale on October 22nd at the Adidas store on Newburgh Street and will retail at £80. Apparently Noel turned up with a binbag of old pairs to the design meetings, and said,"to have my name put to a pair is truly mind-blowing." The bastard.




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