Obey Street Art Exhibition And Pop-Up Store In London

Artist Shepard Fairey’s ubiquitous OBEY street art is coming to London in an official capacity, with an exhibition of Fairey’s work together with a pop-up clothing store from this Thursday.
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The OBEY icon has developed into a worldwide street art phenomenon. Artist Shepard Fairey took inspiration from Andre the Giant- a pop-culture eighties symbol- and after nearly 15 years of spreading the message of participation in the environment, the Obey stamp has become ubiquitous.


Fairey’s style is satirical,while always keeping the aesthetic of the art at the forefront. Politics- and allusions to Communism- feature heavily, with rusty shades of red and brown prominent in the designs. Although clearly anti-war, the exact ideological purpose of much of the artwork is intentionally less overt than someone like Banksy, giving it an ambiguous, intriguing feel.


The brand has expanded since its inception in 1989, incorporating the artwork and symbol into Obey Clothing. For the first time in its history, Obey is setting up a pop-up clothing store for just over two weeks at The Old Truman Brewery, East London. The store will coincide with Shepard’s London ‘Sound & Vision’ art exhibition at the same venue, so Obey will be well and truly taking over the area and spreading the word. It’ll be open every day between 19th October and 4th November, with the big opening night taking place on the 18th.


Alongside the gallery showcasing Fairey's work, the store will offer an array of bespoke gear, including Obey T-shirts, sweats, knits, Obey denim, belts, wallets, bags and military inspired jackets and caps, with the unique range of accessories standing out in particular. Tees, hoodies and shirts utilise a lot of the original artwork produced Shepard Fairey and the tag used by street artists across the globe. Mike Ternosky and Erin Wignall have been at the forefront of developing the clothing brand while ensuring the ethos remains in line with Shepard Fairey’s vision.


Obey’s gritty, urban and irreverent style is retained in all of the gear, and the pop-up store is a pretty cool opportunity to get a real sense of what Obey is all about.

For details of the pop-up store go and the Sound & Vision exhibition, visit http://www.obeygiant.com/headlines/shepard-fairey-x-z-trip-x-sound-vision

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