Only Child: The Brand Behind Cara Delevingne's Infamous Spoon Necklace

You've seen the pictures of Cara and her infamous spoon pendant, and you've probably laughed at the papers working themselves up into a collective panic attack about it. Now get one for yourself.
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The mainstream fashion press collectively spat their Americanos out last week as Cara Delevingne got papped wearing the spoon pendant necklace pictured above. If you're lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the British press, basically they turn into your Year 8 social counsellor whenever a celebrity flirts with drug culture, assuming you're an adolescent who's only heard of cocaine from playing GTA and won't have worked out that despite their constant warbling about the evils of 'sleb binges, they're all bang on it.

If you hadn't sussed already, the necklace is a light-hearted nod to an instrument which, as one paper very literally pointed out "is often worn by cocaine users to scoop the drug into their nose" and is the product of East London jewellery designer Kelly Jackson and her brand Only Child. They look bang on with the palm tree handle but also come with a skull or parrot design, and far be it for me to judge what anyone does with it, you can pick one up from their website.

It's not just the necklaces that have been creating some Only Child hype in its first six months. The cosmic rock pendants and rings have been worn by the likes of Jamie Winston and Rita Ora, as well as the woven box cuffs and bracelets which have been appearing in various style picks and publications on a near-on weekly basis.


And big love to Cara and her mate Mary Charteris for this picture of them getting bang on the Cheerios.


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