Paul Smith Dr Who shirt

Pretend to be a Timelord with this reissued Paul Smith shirt
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Set your sonic screwdriver to stun and prepare to be beamed up to the Millenium Falcon, or something like that, as Paul Smith reissues a shirt that was first part of his S/S 09 collection before being picked up by the world's most famous Doctor behind Feelgood and Shipman.

Yes, now you can own the very same shirt as worn by television's Matt Smith - the latest Doctor Who - and look dashing enough to lure lone young women into a phonebox. It's not known whether Paul Smith intends to follow up with a Tom Baker scarf or John Pertwee cape but we can only hope. In the meantime this limited edition remake is as ace as you'd expect from a Paul Smith shirt and is available from the Covent Garden flagship shop on Floral Street or on from mid October for £119.