Paul Smith & Rapha Cycling Collection

Forget about that nasty yellow jersey, to be a real winner on two wheels it's actually all about purple and black.
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Whether you're preparing for the mountain stage of the Tour de France or just down the off licence on the hunt for some Hob Nobs, you should probably look the part. Weaving through traffic with your tie flying up and jabbing you in the eyes doesn't look or feel too clever, so why not put faith in the experts and grab yourself some decent cycling gear.

Fashion guru Paul Smith has teamed up with Rapha for this cycling collection of class yet quality, which will keep you feeling warm and looking slick as you roll by on that bicycle of yours, enjoying the 'freedom of the open road', as daubed by Sir Paul on much of the gear.

You just have to clap eyes on some of the riders at the Tour de France to realise that fashion isn't exactly high on the agenda, aerodynamics doesn't have to come at the cost of looking good on two wheels, and this collection not only looks stylish but it's practical too, ideal for the most casual of bike riders to those who think they could show Lance Armstrong a thing or two.

The Rapha/Paul Smith Rain Jacket featured comes in either black or purple, fitted with a pouch to chuck your personals in. It's also totally waterproof so fear not about the safety of your mp3 player or precious iPhone. Add to this the scarf, hat and gloves on offer and you have no excuse to take the bus over your bike, whatever the elements decide to do.

There's also hi-vis in abundance, so whether you're out and about at dawn or in darkness you'll be on display for other motorists. This means the army of lovely car drivers will have no reason to get up close and personal in the cycle lane... though we can't promise they won't anyway just for a closer look at your clothes, the jealous rotters.

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