Penfield x Baartmans & Siegel Parka

This is one very attractive parka.
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Penfield have teamed up with high end players Baartmans and Siegel for a limited range of sexy jackets to be available this winter, showcasing the best of both brands.

The three jackets are based on Penfield's most popular styles, with little extras like hidden seams, luxury linings and jet black coyote fur. That's a sexy fucking sentence, am I wrong? Say it again. "Jet black coyote fur". It could be the name of a Grace Jones album.

The collection will be available to buy from a specially made micro-site and Harrods. You can also visit Father Christmas at Harrods during the festive season, which you can't do on the internet, which makes it worth a trip down to Knightsbridge for surely?

The one pictured is the parka, obviously, but the other two are also available from