Peter Storm's Classic Anoraks Return To Size? Store

The return of a terrace favourite.
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Let's get it right: much like scones or eating a Chicken Tikka pie in the terraces and swearing at footballers, Peter Storm is a true British classic.

Adopted by football lads in the eighties and the brain-burnt acid house blokes of the early-nineties, the Peter Storm jacket makes its return to too-good-for-the-high-street store Size? with a new selection of old-school jackets (and with a killer new film and lookbook by our mates at The Rig Out). Storm couldn't have chosen a better time, really - my iPhone weather-app is blued-out and I'm pretty sure that the fancy rain animation on there drains my battery hard so people like my good-self need some sweet, sweet outerwear relief in the silhouette of a proper 100% waterproof anorak.

Treated in the heart of Lancashire, it's ultra-lightweight and breathable lest you get stuck on a clammy train home from Villa away, and comes in variety of shades - all killer, with the army green colourway our personal favourite.

Oh and just in case you don't know jack about Peter Storm, the brand came out of the brain of former Royal Marine Noel Bibby - the bloke credited with inventing the bloody cagoule itself. You can't argue with prowess like that, like.

Peter Storm will be available at Size? this week.