Pica-Post: A Twice Yearly Magazine From Oi Polloi

Have a butchers at this beautifully illustrated homage to clobber, chatter, tales and facts from the Oi Polloi mafia...
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Pica-Post. Tales, facts, clobber and chatter -  a new, twice-yearly magazine from the trendy folk at Manchester's Oi Polloi store, showcasing the current season's best clothing and footwear from their own perspective. Staples from the store such as Woolrich Woolen Mills, Nigel Cabourn and Yuketen all feature in issue #1, alongside relative new additions like Double RL and Burkman Bros. All illustrated in fine style by talented graphic artist Ben Lamb.

In addition to the illustrated Deck-Out features, there's insight which meanders from Swastika Surfboards to the Salford Sioux. There is also final confirmation that God does indeed wear khakis.

The first Pica-Post print-run is strictly limited to 1000 copies, you can even read it free, here.

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